"If you decide to see an Osteopath - we'll be happy to help, but in the meantime.."
  • Try to leave yourself plenty of time to achieve tasks; most people hurt themselves when they are in a hurry to get something done, so pace yourself.
  • Alternate tasks, to give your body a rest and alleviate stiffness.
  • Try to reduce stress by good planning - they don't call things a pain in the neck for nothing! Let others help you and if possible share the work.
  • If you're travelling by car or plane, have some breaks. Back injuries won't thank you sitting for long periods. If possible try to drive when times are quieter, - there is not much worse than being stuck in traffic going no-where with an aching back.
  • Get some exercise! Just including a walk every day is beneficial to many people, but your osteopath can advise on what's right for you.
  • If the worst happens and you injure your back, try the following:

    Try a cold pack. A warm bath/shower can relax muscles, but if something's injured then it's often inflamed, so put something cold on it such as a packet of frozen peas wrapped in a thin towel. Lie down or sit (whatever is comfortable) and apply the cold pack directly to the skin of the painful area. Leave it on for about 10-15 minutes and do this as much as you need. Remember to keep the rest of you warm!
  • It may alleviate lower back pain to lie on your back with your knees bent for short periods - see if this is comfortable.
  • Never use medication prescribed for someone else. Your GP or Pharmacist can advise on what's safe for you.
  • Don't take to your bed unless you have to; it's generally much better to be gently moving around.
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