"Successful Treatment May be Achieved in Various Areas"
Examination & Treatment Osteopathic Examination
Initially an accurate diagnosis is the prerequisite of successful and safe treatment. On a patient's first visit, a diagnosis is reached by taking a detailed case history, which includes the present complaint and past medical history. A thorough physical examination will follow during which you will normally be asked to remove some of your clothing. If necessary further tests such as x-rays, blood and urine analysis could be required in some cases, depending on the condition.
When the osteopath has made a diagnosis and is satisfied that osteopathic care is indicated, this will be explained to you and, with your agreement, treatment may begin. If osteopathic treatment is unsuitable, then you will be advised of this and if necessary may be referred to another practitioner. Patients have the right to stop examination or treatment at any time should they wish to.
You are welcome to bring someone you know, such as a friend or relative, with you to any appointment if that would make you feel more comfortable.
Treatment is based on individual needs. Techniques, which may be used, include methods for stretching tissues, passive repeated joint movement, and manipulative techniques to restore mobility and function to a joint. Active movement of muscles against resistance may also be used to restore joint movement, quality and range. Nutrition, hydrotherapy, ergonomic advice and specific exercises will commonly be included in the advice given to you by your practitioner.
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