"For Over 100 Years, Osteopaths Have Successfully Managed a Wide Range Of Conditions"
Osteopaths deal with a wide range of conditions every day, and can do a great deal to reduce pain, ease swelling and improve mobility. Osteopaths can also advise you on many beneficial self-help procedures. Common presentations include the following:
Arthritic pain Back Pain

Many people consult osteopaths for help with arthritic pain.

Osteoarthritis is the commonest form of arthritis and is often called 'wear and tear'. It usually affects a specific area such as hips, knees or spine. Common symptoms include pain, stiffness and restricted mobility.

Back pain results in many problems, including impaired quality of life, mobility and daily function; risk of financial problems through inability to work and reliance on sickness benefits; and social isolation through disability. Back pain also represents a considerable burden to patients, families, society and the economy (for example, loss of working days, and early retirement).

Trouble with your back can also cause a variety of other symptoms such as pain in the buttocks, legs or groin. Leg pain is often called sciatica, and can be caused by pressure on specific nerve roots. Back problems account for over 50% of cases seen by osteopaths, and can disturb the mechanical function of the whole body, leading to pain in the neck, shoulders and head.

Back pain is often caused by specific injury, but can just as commonly be caused by other conditions and diseases which can give symptoms of back ache, such as kidney disease, psoriasis or arthritis. The osteopath will advise you on whether you are suitable for treatment and may refer you to another health professional if appropriate.

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